Thursday, February 23, 2012

Here we go...

Hello everyone!

This blog forms part of my coursework for my Public Relations and Digital Media course. All posts after this one will reflect my readings and opinions on this area.

However, for our introductory post we were asked to link to, and write about, anything online that we like. I thought long and hard about my interests and what would make a good first impression. I thought about music and fashion blogs, cricket websites and online games but in the end I decided I would write about facebook.
Cartoon credit: geekandpoke

As the graphic above humorously shows, facebook is an integral part of some people's lives. For, me between working and studying it serves as a place of respite. It's where i catch up on the lives of new and old friends - some of whom I've never met in person - check out new products and services, read the news and yes, play games. Technical glitches notwithstanding, Cafe World is a daily activity for me; one where I become engrossed in quests and challenges with almost as much intensity as if it were a real restaurant.

Facebook caters to several aspects of who I am. Not only am I a citizen of Barbados interested in current affairs but I'm also a business journalist looking for interesting leads and a twenty-something year old woman with an eye for all things fashion. Furthermore, I'm an aspiring PR practitioner who is keen on seeing how professionals and companies use social networks to raise awareness, influence behaviour and manage issues and risk.

Essentially, facebook allows me to keep track of many of my interests in one convenient location.


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  5. There is no doubt that facebook is a part of our everyday life. The number of the users leaves no space for disagreements. I cannot find a friend of mine who has no account and does not post comments and photos about everything, from the less important to the most significant!

    I learnt that my best friend has finally passed her exams for her bachelor degree from a post and I come across with the sad news of Whitney Houston’s death again from a post.

    So I can’t stop wondering if facebook is getting really involved in my life…more than it should?

    I was reading an article “Facebook Profiles Accurately Predict Job Performance”, is about a new study from the Northern Illinois University, the University of Evansville and Auburn University. This study advice companies to screen applicants for a new job through their facebook profile. Isn’t that an exaggeration? Am

    I the only one to feel as not being thrilled?

    Check it out